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240. Ten Tirumullaivayil

தென் திருமுல்லைவாயில் 

Location: Ten Tirumullaivayil near Sirkali
(Chola Naadu -North of Kaveri)
Shiva: Mullaivananathar
Ambal: Kothaiyammai
Vriksham: Mullai
Theertham: Chandra Theertham
Patikam : Sambandar, Appar
Travel Base: Chidambaram
Description: This Shivastalam is a  coastal shrine in the vicinity of Tiruvenkadu and Pallavaneeswaram.  Ten Tirumullaivaayil is the 7th in the series of Tevara Stalangal on the northern banks of the river Kaveri in the Chola region of Tamilnadu.Ten Tirumullaivaayil is at a distance of about 13 km from Sirkazhi. Ten Tirumullaivaayil is to be distinguished from Vada Tirumullaivaayil near Chennai.

Legends:  Indra is said to have worshipped Shiva here as in Tiruchaikaadu and Pallavaneeswaram nearby.. The Namachivaya mantiram was revealed to Parvati Devi here. An interesting legend surround this shrine. The mortal remains of a devotee of Shiva turned into gems when they were immersed in the Vishnu Theertham here. 

Other legends here are  centered around the atonement of killing (Bhrahma hatti dosham) of a Chola king (also see Tiruvidaimarudur).  As with several Shiva temples, there is a legend surrounding the scar marks on the Shivalingam, said to have caused by a local ruler in his attempt to free his chariot from a cluster of creepers enclosing the Shivalingam.

The Temple: This temple is said to have been worshipped (and built ) by Killivalavan a King of the Sangam period.  Inscriptions from the Vijayanagar period and the Maratha period are seen in this temple. The prakaram houses shrines to Kothaiammai, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Karpaka Vinayakar and other deities. The stala vriksham i.e. the mullai creeper is seen entwined around another tree.

Sambandar is said to have visited this shrine after visiting Tiruvenkadu. The  deity here is also known by the name Yutika Parameswarar and his consort is known by the name Satyananda Soundari. Legend also has it that Indra worshipped at this shrine. 

This temple celebrates Maasi makam and Vaikaasi Visaakam.

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