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Jalandaraasura Samhaaram - Slaying of the demon Jalandara
Beliefs and Legends >>Shiva

This legend relates to the slaying of the demon Jalandara by Shiva. There are eight such legends narrating Shiva's role as the destroyer of evil.

Jalandara the demon was born, when Shiva directed his rage, in the form of fire from his third eye, into the ocean (hence the name Jalandaran). Jalandaraasuran grew to be a powerful demon, and dominated the world. He married Brinda, a pious woman. The demon he was, Jalandaraasuran lusted after Shiva's consort Parvati; this resulted in a battle between him and Shiva. Shiva created a chakra (wheel) in the waters and challenged Jalandaraasuran to lift it. This disk, severed the demon's head.

The slaying of the demon Jalandaraasuran is celebrated and enshrined in the Veeratteswarar temple at Tiruvirkudi (near Thanjavur - Tamilnadu). Tiruvirkudi is one of the 8 Veeratta temples celebrating Shiva the as the destroyer of evil forces.

Jalandaraasuran's widow Brinda is enshrined in a samadhi at Tiruvirkudi. It is believed that she took the form of a Tulsi plant. Unlike in other temples, Tulsi is offered to Shiva at Tiruvirkudi.

Shiva later on gave his discus (chakram) to Vishnu. Vishnu bears the Chakram as one of his attributes. The legend of Shiva gifting Vishnu with the cosmic discus is held at Tiruveezhimizhalai near the above mentioned Virkudi and at Tirumalpur near Kanchipuram.

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