One of the 108 Temples & Celestial Abodes of Vishnu revered by the Tamil hymns of the Alwars of the 1st millennium CE

Location: Cuddalore
Nadu Naadu)
Vishnu: Devanathan,
Taayaar: Hemambujavalli
Theertham:Garudanadi, Chandratheertham, Sesha Theertham
Paasuram :Tirumangai
Vimaanam:Chandra, Sudhdhasatva vimamnam
Travel Base:Chidambaram

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Description: This celebrated Divyadesam is located in the town of Cuddalore near Chidambaram, at a distance of 5km west of the Tiruppadirippuliyur railway station. Tiruppadirippuliyur is also home to the Shivastalam associated closely with Tirunavukkarasar.

Deities: The Moolavar here is Deivanayakan in a standing posture facing east; Taayaar here is known as Hemambujavalli or Vaikunthanayaki. Utsavar here is known as Devanathan, or Moovaragiya Oruvan - a manifestation of the trinity (Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva). The Suddhasatva vimaanam above the sanctum has images of Vishnu facing east, Dakshinamurthy (Shiva) facing south, Narasimha facing west and Bhrahma facing north. There is also a Vilva tree in the temple complex. .

The  temple on top of the adjoining Aushadagiri hill enshrining Hayagrivar - the embodiment of knowledge and learning - is of very great significance.

This temple is also known for its close association with Desikacharyar, who spent close to forty years in this town. It is beleived that Vedanta Desikacharyar meditated up on Garuda on the Aushadagiri and obtained the image from Hayagreeva from him.

This shrine has also been visited by Manavaala Maamuni.

Stone inscriptions in the temple refer to the deity as 'Ninraruliya Mahavishnu' and 'Ezhisai naada perumaan'.

The Tiruvahindrapuram temple has a 5 tiered rajagopuram and 3 prakarams. There are shrines to Ganesha, Rama, Rajagopala, Aandaal and Desikacharyar.

Legend has it that AdiSeshan, the serpent mount of Vishnu created this shrine, hence the name Tiruvahindrapuram. Garudan is said to have created the Virajaa Theertham (Garuda Nadi) while Adi Seshan is said to have created the Sesha Theertham (Paatala Gangai). Legend also has it that Vishnu was  worshipped by Markandeya and Bhudevi here as in Uppiliappan Koyil.

Festivals: The annual Bhramotsavam is celebrated in the month of Chittirai. Maasi Magam is another of the festivals celebrated here. A gesture of offering     salt, pepper and milk are made in the Sesha theertham well is believed to cure several ailments.

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