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199. Tiruppaadirippuliyur


Location: Cuddalore .
(Nadu Naadu)
Shiva: Tonraattunai Nathar, Paataleeswarar
Ambal: Periya Nayaki, Brihannayaki
Vriksham: Paatiri
Theertham: Ketila Nadhi
Travel Base:Chidambaram
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Description: Tiruppatirippuliyur, located at Cuddalore near Chidambaram   is a  shrine of great significance associated with Tirunavukkarasar, and a large temple with ornate gopurams and mandapams. The name Paatiri comes from the Paatirivriksham while Puliyur comes from the association with Vyagrapadar. Arunagirinathar has glorified this shrine with his Tiruppugazh. This is the 19th of the 22 Tevara Stalams in the Nadu Naadu  region of Tamilnadu.

Vyagrapadar (the saint with tiger's claws and feet) is said to have worshipped here, as in Omampuliyur, Erukkattampuliyur, Perumpuliyur and Perumpatrappuliyur (Chidambaram).

Appar, is said to have been rescued from death by drowning here, by the grace of the presiding deity. The famous 'Sotrunai Vediyan' - Namachivayappatikam was composed here.

The Temple: A lofty rajagopuram and spacious prakarams, mandapams with pillars bearing images of warriors on horses adorn this shrine.Several works in Tamil and Sanskrit have been composed on/at this shrine. There are several inscriptions seen in this temple. The paatiri tree is covered with metal plates.

Festivals: Appar's having been saved from drowning is commemorated in the month of Chittirai. (Aries - Anusham).

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