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Gajaasura Samhaaram - Slaying of the demon Gajaasuran
Beliefs and Legends >>Shiva

This legend relates to the slaying of the demon Gajaasuran by Shiva. There are eight such legends portraying Shiva as the destroyer of evil.

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Gajaasuran, a demon who had the form of an elephant (gaja) tormented the universe and terrified the gods and the humans. Continuing unchecked, he proceded to attack Shiva's abode. A terrified Parvati beseeched Shiva to put an end to the attrocity, and Shiva obliged by flaying the skin of the demon and wearing it as a drape around him - and then danced the dance of victory.

A splendid bronze image of Gajasamhaaramurthy is held in worship at Vazhuvoor near Mayiladuturai in Tamilnadu. Vazhuvoor is one of the 8 Veeratta temples celebrating Shiva as the destroyer of evil forces.

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