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Andakaasura vadam - Slaying of the demon Andaka
Beliefs and Legends >>Scriptures

This legend relates to the slaying of the blind demon Andaka by Shiva. There are eight such legends narrating Shiva's role as the destroyer of evil.

Shiva's consort Parvati, once playfully covered his three eyes with her hands from behind. Lo and behold, the entire universe was plunged into total darkness. Drops of sweat fell from Shiva's forehead and turned into a frightful demon. This demon was known as Andakaasura - given his state of blindness (Andaka).

Andakasuran performed severe penances towards Bhrama, and sought the boon of immortality. His penances were rewarded the the boon of immortality was rewarded to him, subject to the caveat that he would lose his life, if he would lust after his own mother. Blinded now by power, Andaka, ravaged the universe causing untold suffering to its inhabitants. He then came across Parvati, and not knowing that her playful act had resulted in his being born, lusted after her. A battle between him and Shiva ensued, at the end of which, Shiva impaled him with his trident; at the brink of death, Andakaasuran implored Shiva to let him be reborn as his devotee. Shiva then turned him into a Shiva Gana - Bhringi.

A beautiful bronze image of the  Andakaasura Vada Moorthy manifestation of Shiva is enshrined at Tirukkovilur (near Tiruvannamalai - Tamilnadu), in the Veeratteswarar temple. This temple is one of the 8 temples celebrating Shiva as the destroyer of evil forces.

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