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172. Tiruneelakkudi


Location: Tennalkudi near Kumbhakonam, Aaduturai
(Chola Naadu-South of Kaveri)
Shiva: Neyyaadi Nathar, Neelakantar
Ambal: Periya Nayaki, Uma
Vriksham: Palaamaram
Patikam : Appar
Travel Base: Thanjavur
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Description: This Shivastalam is located near Aaduturai and Tiruvidaimarudur - near Kumbhakonam. Tiruneelakkudi is considered to be the 32nd in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri. 

Legend has it that Varuna and the celestial nymphs offered worship here. It is believed that the half of the sesame oil offered during the abhisheka rituals, gets absorbed by the Shiva Lingam.

The Temple: This temple with 2 prakarams covers an area of about an acre; stucco images on the vimanams here are worth mention. Two Ambal shrines dedicated to Umaiyammai and Azhagammai are seen in this temple

Festivals: Four worship services are offered each day. The annual Bhrammotsavam in the month of Chittirai witnesses the Sapta stanam festival (now absent) where the festival image is taken in procession to Vittalur, Elandurai, Eradimangalam, Tirunageswaram, Tirubhuvanam, Tiruvidaimarudur and Airavatapuram. This temple is under the administration of the Tiruvavaduturai Adhinam. .

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