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Perambur - Mayiladuturai
Temples of Tamilnadu >>Perambur - Mayiladuturai
Abodes of Skanda >>Perambur - Mayiladuturai
Travel Base: Thanjavur, Chidambaram

This ancient temple enshrining Subramanyar is located at a distance of about 20 km from Mayiladuturai.

This temple with 2 prakarams is crowned with an imposing Rajagopuram at its entrance. The temple is said to date back to the Chola period.

Local belief has it that snake bites in the locality are harmless although the neighborhood abounds in snakes.

The presiding deity here is Shanmukhar, in the form of an imposing imagein a standing posture, flanked by his consorts Valli and Devasena. The processional images here include those of Subramanyar seated on his mount, and those of Samhaara Subramanyar (see also Tirupporur).

There are also shrines to Bhramapureeswarar, Anandavalli, Dakshinamurthy and Mahalakshmi here.

Festivals:  The annual Skanda Sashti festival is celebrated in splendor in the tamil month of Aippasi. Also celebrated are Kartikai Deepam, Arudra Darisanam and Chittirai Vishu.