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The Templenet Encyclopedia - Temples of Tamilnadu

Temple List (U)

  1. Uchi Natheswarar Temple at Tirunelvayil(Sivapuri) near Chidambaram (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  2. Uchi Pillaiyar Temple at Tiruchirappalli
  3. Udaiyaar Temple at Tirucherai near Kumbakonam

  4. Udayavar Templ at Chennai (T Nagar)

  5. Udvahanatheswarar Temple at Tirumananjeri near Mayiladuturai (Paadal petra stalam)

  6. Ugra Kaliamman Temple at Tanjore near Thanjavur

  7. Ujjaini Om Kaliamman temple at Kannanur near Tiruchirappalli

  8. Ujjivanathaswamy Hill temple at Tiruchirappalli (Uyyakkondan Tirumalai) (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  9. Ulagalanda Perumaal Temple at Tirukkoilur near Tiruvannamalai (Divya Desam)
  10. Ulagalanda Perumaal Temple at Kanchipuram near Madras (Divya Desam)
  11. Umamaheswarar Temple at Konerirajapuram near Kumbakonam (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  12. Unnathapureeswarar Temple at Melattur (Papanasam) near Kumbakonam

  13. Uppiliappan Koil at Uppiliappan Koil near Kumbakonam (Divya Desam)
  14. Uthamar temple at Uttamar Koil (Bikshandar Koil) near Tiruchirappalli (Divya Desam, Paadal Petra Stalam)

  15. Uthira Ranganadhaswamy temple at Pallikonda near Gudiattam

  16. Uttara Vedeeswarar Temple at Kuttalam near Mayiladuturai (Paadal petra stalam)

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