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The Templenet Encyclopedia - Temples of Tamilnadu

Temple List (T contd)

  1. Tiruchirupuliyur Chalasayana Perumal Temple at Tiruchirupuliyur (Kollumangudi) near Mayiladuturai (Divya Desam)

  2. Tirukaleeswarar Temple at Seethancheri (Palur) near Kanchipuram

  3. Tirukameeswarar Temple at Madavilagam near Madurantakam

  4. Tirukkalleswarar Temple at Madavilagam near Tiruvallur (Padal Petra Stalam)

  5. Tirukkandeeswarar Temple at Thozhur near Tiruvallur

  6. Tirukkolur Temple at Tirukkolur near Alwar Tirunagari (Srivaikuntam, Tirunelveli) (Divya Desam)

  7. Tirukkozhuntheeswarar Temple at Palayanur (Manur) near Tiruttani (Padal Petra Stalam)

  8. Tirukkulandai Temple at Tirukkulandai near Srivaikuntam (Tuticorin) (Divya Desam)

  9. Tirukodikaval Eswarar at Tirukkodika (Narasinganpettai) near Mayiladuturai (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  10. Tirumagaraleeswarar Temple at Magaral near Kanchipuram (Padal Petra Stalam)

  11. Tirumal Eswarar Temple at Singadivakkam near Kanchipuram

  12. Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Temple at Panpoli near Tenkasi (Tirunelveli)

  13. Tirumalai Mahadevar Temple at Tirumalai near Kuzhitturai (Kanyakumari)
  14. Tirumalleeswarar Temple at Kattavoor near Ponneri (Chennai) (*)

  15. Tirumalleeswaraswamy Temple at Eliambedu near Ponneri (Chennai) (*)

  16. Tirumanangeeswaraswamy Temple at Vallur near Ponneri (Chennai)

  17. Tirumanimadam NarayananTemple at Tirunangur (Sirkali) near Chidambaram (Divya Desam)

  18. Tirumarainathar Temple at Tiruvadavur near Melur (Madurai) (Paadal Petra Stalam)
  19. Tirumeniazhagar Temple at Tiruvettangudi near Karaikal (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  20. Tirumeniazhagar Temple at Koyiladippalayam (Aachaapuram) near Chidambaram (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  21. Tirumeninathaswamy Temple at Tiruchuuzhi near Virudunagar (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  22. Tirumetraleeswarar Temple at Pillayarpalayam near Kanchipuram (Padal Petra Stalam)

  23. Tirumoolanathaswamy Temple at Puzhal (Perambur) near Chennai

  24. Tirumoolanathaswamy Temple at Ambasamudram (Tirunelveli)

  25. Tirunaaraiyur Temple at Tirunaaraiyur near Chidambaram (Paadal petra stalam)

  26. Tirunageeswarar Temple at Kalambakkam (Kadambattur) near Arakkonam

  27. Tirunalloor Perumanam Temple at Nalloor (Papanasam) near Kumbakonam (Paadal petra stalam)

  28. Tirunandikkarai Mahadevar Temple at Tirunandikkarai near Kuzhitturai (Kanyakumari)

  29. Tirunatheeswarar Temple at Manur near Tiruttani

  30. Tirunavaleswarar at Tirunavalur (Panruti) near Villuppuram (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  31. Tiruppaleeswarar Temple at Tiruppalaivanam near Ponneri (Chennai)

  32. Tiruppartanpalli Perumal Temple at Tiruppartanpalli (Sirkali) near Chidambaram (Divya Desam)

  33. Tiruppatisaram Venkatachalapathi Temple at Tiruppatisaram near Nagarkoil(Kanyakumari) (Divyadesam)

  34. Tirupperai Temple at Tirupperai near Alwar Tirunagari (Srivaikuntam, Tirunelveli)

  35. Tiruppulingudi Temple at Tiruppulingudi near Srivaikuntam (Tuticorin)

  36. Tiruthatakeeswarar Temple at Tiruppanandal near Kumbakonam

  37. Tiruthatakeswarar Temple* at Tiruppananthal near Kumbakonam (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  38. Tiruttaleeswarar Temple at Aranvayil near Tiruvallur

  39. Tiruttankal Temple at Tiruttankal near Srivilliputtur (Virudunagar) (Divya Desam)

  40. Tiruvalankaadu Temple (in Tanjavur District) at Tiruvaalankaadu near Kumbakonam

  41. Tiruvaleeswarar Temple at Kalathur (Ottivakkam) near Chingelput

  42. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Tiruvellavayil near Ponneri (Chennai)

  43. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Arpakkam near Kanchipuram

  44. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Padi near Chennai

  45. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Paruvayil near Ponneri (Chennai)

  46. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Kattur near Ponneri (Chennai)

  47. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Arasur near Ponneri (Chennai)

  48. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Ekanampet (Nathapettai) near Kanchipuram (*)

  49. Tiruvalleeswarar Temple at Tiruvanaikoil (Reddipalayam) near Kanchipuram

  50. Tiruvalluva Nayanar Temple at Chennai (Mylapore)

  51. Tiruvaragunamangai (Nattam) Temple at Srivaikuntam (Tuticorin)

  52. Tiruvatteeswarar Temple at Chennai (Triplicane)

  53. Tiruverumbeeswarar Temple at Tiruverumbur near Tiruchirappalli
  54. Tiruvinga Naathar Temple at Eengoi Malai (Kulittalai) near Tiruchirappalli

  55. Tolaiyachelvar Shiva Temple at Tiruchotrutturai (Tirukkandiyur, Tiruvaiyaru) near Thanjavur (Saptastanam, Paadal Petra Stalam)

  56. Totadrinathar Temple at Vanamamalai near Tirunelveli
  57. Trilokanatheswarar Temple at Melattur (Papanasam) near Kumbakonam

  58. Trippanniyode Mahadevar Temple at Valvechagoshtam near Padmanabhapuram (Kanyakumari)

  59. Tripparappu Mahadevar Temple at Thripparappu near Tukkalai, Kuzhitturai (Kanyakumari)

  60. Tripurantakaswamy Temple at Koovam (Kadambattur) near Tiruvallur (Padal Petra Stalam)

  61. Trivikrama Temple at Sirkali near Chidambaram (Divya Desam)

  62. Turai Kattum Vallal Temple at Kapittapuram near Mayiladuturai (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  63. Tuyar Teertha Nathar Temple at Omampuliyur (Kattu Mannargudi) near Chidambaram (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  64. Tyagaraja Temple at Chennai (Tiruvotriyur) (Paadal Petra Stalam)
  65. Tyagarajar Temple at Tiruvarur near Kumbakonam (Paadal Petra Stalam, Vidanga Stalam)
  66. Tyagarajaswamy Temple at Tirukachur (Singaperumal Koil) near Chingelput

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