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The Templenet Encyclopedia - Temples of Tamilnadu

Temple List (K)

  1. Kaalakandeswarar Temple at Tirumalayankudi near Thanjavur

  2. Kaaliyar Kovil at Tirukaanapper (Sivagangai) near Ramanathapuram (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  3. Kachabeswarar Temple at Chennai (Parrys Corner)

  4. Kachabeswarar Temple at Kanchipuram
  5. Kadaimudi Naatheswarar Temple at Tirukkadaimudi (Ananda Tandavapuram) near Mayiladuturai (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  6. Kadambanathar Temple at Kadambarkoil near Kanchipuram

  7. Kadambavaneswarar temple at Kadambarkoil near Kulittalai (Tiruchirppalli) (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  8. Kadhali Narasinga Perumal Temple at Oruthattu near Kodaikanal

  9. Kadu Hanumanthaswami temple at Dharapuram near Coimbatore

  10. Kaichhinanathar Temple at Tirukaichinam (Tirunellikka) near Tiruvarur (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  11. Kailasanatha Temple at Kanchipuram near Madras
  12. Kailasanathar (Dakshinamurthy) Temple at Govindavadi (Tirumalpur) near Kanchipuram

  13. Kailasanathar Temple at Vadavur near Kanchipuram

  14. Kailasanathar Temple at Chennai (Madhavaram)

  15. Kailasanathar Temple at Agarakkonthai near Nagappattinam

  16. Kailasanathar Temple at Puttagaram near Tiruvarur

  17. Kailasanathar Temple at Uttaramerur near Kanchipuram

  18. Kailasanathar temple at Taramangalam near Salem (Mettur Dam)

  19. Kailasanathar Temple at Srivaikuntam (Tuticorin) near Tirunelveli

  20. Kailasanathar Temple at Kalappal (Mannargudi) near Thanjavur

  21. Kailasanathar Temple at Velliyur (Thinnanur) near Tiruvallur

  22. Kailasanathar temple at Thirumoolastanam near Chidambaram

  23. Kailasanathar Temple at Sembiyan Mahadevi near Nagappattinam

  24. Kailasanathar temple at Rasipuram (Salem)

  25. Kailasanathaswamy Temple at Ilupakkam near Ponneri (Chennai)

  26. Kailasanathaswamy Temple at Egattoor near Tiruvallur

  27. Kalamega Perumal Temple at Tirumugur near Madurai (Divya Desam)

  28. Kalarmulai Natheswarar Temple at Tirukkalar (Tirutturaippoondi) near Thanjavur (Mannargudi) (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  29. Kalatheeswaraswamy Temple at Pralayampakkam near Ponneri (Chennai)

  30. Kaleeswarar Temple at Kurumulaipadi near Mayiladuturai

  31. Kali Bari Temple at Chennai (West Mambalam)

  32. Kaliamman temple at Balbakki near Salem (Omalur)

  33. Kaliamman Temple at Kanchipuram

  34. Kalikaambaal Temple at Chennai (George Town)
  35. Kalingesanathar Temple at Irulanjeri near Tiruvallur

  36. Kaliyuga Varadharajaperumal temple at Kallankurichi near Ariyalur (Tiruchirappalli)

  37. Kaliyuga Venkatesa Perumal Temple at Tanjore near Thanjavur

  38. Kallapiranswami Temple at Srivaikuntam (Tuticorin) near Tirunelveli

  39. Kallazhagar Temple at Azhagar Malai near Madurai
  40. Kalyana Narasinga Perumal Temple at Ramagiri near Dindukkal

  41. Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar temple at Karur near Karur (Tiruchirappalli) (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  42. Kalyana Varadarajaperumal Temple at Tiruvotriyur near Chennai

  43. Kalyana Varadarajaswamy Temple at Kandur (Sriperumpudur) near Chennai (*)

  44. Kalyana Varadarajaswamy Temple at Arungulam near Tiruttani

  45. Kalyana Venkataramanaswamy Hill/Cave temple at Thanthoni near Karur (Tiruchirappalli)

  46. Kalyana Vikirtheeswarar Temple at Venjamangudalur near Karur (Tiruchirappalli) (Paadal Petra Stalam)

  47. Kalyanasundarar Temple at Velvikkudi near Mayiladuturai (Paadal petra stalam)

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